Lu Brandão Eyebrow Henna (5 Shades)

Lu Brandão Eyebrow Henna (5 Shades)

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Lu Brandão Henna has five different colors to choose from. The ligher the color the warmer it is.  To cool off a color add a little darker shade to the mix. Other accessories available to complete the service successfully. One 8 gr bottle can do approximately 40 or more pairs of eyebrows.  For Professional Use Only. Always Patch Test 24 to 48 hours before service.

Instructions for Use 

One 8 gr bottle is enough for about 40 or more pairs of eyebrows. 

How to use:

  • Clean the brow area with the pre-lotion (light yellow solution). Make sure it’s all clean of makeup or oils.
  • 1 to 2 measures (spoon is part of package), depending on how thick or thin the brows are. (I like to use 2 measures for the average brows so that I can have some left over in case I need to touch up an area. A very full brow may need 3 measures)
  • Add 1 drop of the fixative per each spoon measure (purple solution)
  • Add about 8-10 drops of water with dropper and mix until you have a creamy consistency adding more water if necessary.
  • Apply with an angled brush applicator or pointed plastic applicator pressing color into skin and hair.
  • Wait 18 to 25 minutes (the longer the time, the richer the color and stain on skin) and remove with moistened cotton rounds. I find that 18-22 minutes is good for most people. Use 2 timers to ensure even processing.
  • Use a lightener (orange solution) on a q-tip swab and pass over any areas on the eyebrows to remove any excess color. (only if necessary)
  • Finish with blue conditioning balm

Henna Colors -         

Prieto is Black (always mix with a little brown henna to avoid a green hue)

Marrom is Brown

Castano Escuro is Dark Brown

Castano Medio is Medium Brown

Castano Claro is Light Brown 


Apply a small amount on the forearm, inner wrist, or behind the ear. If the individual experiences any reaction, such as redness or itching, it means this person is sensitive. Instruct them not to wash for 12 hours.


Henna in golden powder. vegetable dye, lawsonia alba, lawsonia inermis, walnut, chamomile,s anil, urucum and sodium picramate

Complete instructions and tips on how to use henna can be downloaded from Protocol section in menu bar.