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Lu Brandão Eyebrow Henna (5 Shades) BUY 3 COLORS GET 1 FREE! Use code LOVEHENNA

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Lu Brandão Henna kit includes measuring spoon and mixing cup.  Five different colors to choose from. Other accessories available to complete the service successfully. One 8 gr bottle can do approximately 40 or more pairs of eyebrows.  For Professional Use Only

Instructions for Use 

One 8 gr bottle is enough for about 40 or more pairs of eyebrows. 

How to use:

  • Clean the brow area with the pre-lotion (light yellow solution). Make sure it’s all clean of makeup or oils.
  • 1 to 2 measures (spoon is part of package), depending on how thick or thin the brows are. (I like to use 2 measures for the average brows so that I can have some left over in case I need to touch up an area. A very full brow may need 3 measures)
  • Add 1 drop of the fixative per each spoon measure (purple solution)
  • Add about 8-10 drops of water with dropper and mix until you have a creamy consistency.
  • Apply with an angled brush applicator.
  • Wait 18 to 25 minutes (the longer the time, the richer the color and stain on skin) and remove with moistened cotton rounds. I find that 18-22 minutes is good for most people. Use 2 timers to ensure even processing.
  • Use a lightener (orange solution) on a q-tip swab and pass over any areas on the eyebrows to remove any excess color. (only if necessary)
  • Finish with blue conditioning balm

Henna Colors -         

Prieto is Black

Marrom is Auburn Brown

Castano Escuro is Dark Brown

Castano Medio is Medium Brown

Castano Claro is Light Brown